Tip Cards

Our newly designed tipcards are packed with useful information and great for sharing in classrooms, child care programs, and with families. The cards also introduce you to a Council staff member who provides training and technical assistance on that topic.

Engaging Environments

Exploring Infant Toddler Development

Backyard Babies

How to Make a Sock Baby 

Movement is Learning! 

Baby 3-D

Let's Go! 10 Ways to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Potty Learning

Wonderful Waterplay

I Can Rock-A-Bye Myself

The Sunny Side of Toddler Tantrums

Taking Fear Out of Fire Drills

Gentle Touch Means so Much

Dance With Me

TV + Small Fries = Adult Couch Potatoes

Shopping Cart Safety

Got Teeth?

How to Make Fleece Balls

Little Scientists

It's Not Just Peek-a-Boo

Opening Tiny Eyes to the World: Infant Vision Development

The Art of Hi and 'Bye: Separation Anxiety

8 Ways to Make 100% Juice Part of a Healthy Diet

Block Play With Infants

Block Play With Toddlers

Building Strong Relationships

Dynamic Diapering

Early Literacy for Infants

Family Style Dining

Outdoor Play

Sensory Experiences with Infants

Signing With Babies

When Babies are Ready to Play | Los Infantes Están Listos a Jugar Cuando

Choosing Books for Young Readers

Love, Learning, and Early Literacy


12 Tips to Soothe a Crying Baby

Baby Body-Building Basics

Let's Play Dress Up

Art for the Experience

Music and Movement

Exploring Children's Social-Emotional Wellness

Exploring Early Literacy

Exploring Children's Health and Wellness

Exploring School-Age Children's Development

Building Emotional Learning and Literacy (BELL): Family Tipsheets created in partnership with the United Way of the Greater Capital Region

Building Emotional Learning and Literacy (BELL): Classroom Tipsheets created in partnership with the United Way of the Greater Capital Region

Do It Yourself (DIY)