For Families

Are you in need of child care but limited on time? Did you know that a Parent Educator can email, fax, mail or give you licensed/registered child care provider referrals over the phone? Once you contact the Council a Parent Educator will ask you some basic information regarding your child care needs, after the information is collected (all information remains confidential) the Parent Educator will get a provider listing together that meets your family’s needs. Call the Council today!

Child care referrals are available 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday at 518 426-7181 or toll free at 1-800-521-KIDS(5437), online anytime, or by completing the Referral form and submitting by email, fax, or regular mail (instructions are included on the form).

Quality Educational Information that you will receive:

  • Contact information to check the complaint history of a program
  • Referrals to New York State licensed/registered providers
  • Earned Income tax Credit
  • Financial assistance
  • Accredited Child Care Information
  • Choosing the right Care for your Child
  • As You think About Child Care

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Referral Follow-Up

Within a month of receiving a child care referral, the Parent Educator will contact you to follow up on the referral process. The information you provide will enable the Council to improve the level of service and let us know if any changes are necessary. This follow up can be emailed to you in a link or sent by mail.

Contact the Capital District Child Care Council with any questions and speak to a Parent Educator by calling 518.426.7181, or emailing Tricia Howland.