The Child Care Facilitated Enrollment Program: Workforce Development Institute

The Child Care Facilitated Enrollment Program was created through the initiative of organized labor and is funded through the NYS Senate. It provides child care subsidies for families with children under 13 years of age in the Capital Region, for a 12 month period. To qualify you must be employed, have children less than 13 years of age, reside in the Capital Region and have a family income below that shown in the table.

Family sizeMaximum family income
2 $44,055
3 $55,440
4 $66,825
5 $78,210
6 $89,595

For more information, please contact the Workforce Development Institute at (518) 272-3530.

Contact the Capital District Child Care Council with any questions and speak to a Parent Educator by calling 518.426.7181, or emailing Tricia Howland.