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We are excited to bring you our new training registration system 

The Doubleknot training registration portal provides a powerful, real-time registration experience. You now have the option to browse through a fully linked calendar of events, or you can search by date, time, category, location, and keyword. You'll recieve instant reciepts for your registration that contain all of your payment and confirmation information. You'll even have a personal dashboard  to remind you of upcoming registrations and payments due. The transition will require those of you who had accounts in our previous system to create new ones, however, once created the ease of use and benefits of the new system will make it worth creating a new account. You can register for any scheduled Instructional Suite training through the Doubleknot portal. Please feel free to email us with any questions or feedback about the new system. 

Calendar training:

We have been focused on creating an annual catalog that is easy to use and that reflects the interests and values of early childhood and school-age child care community. As a result we hope that the Instructional Suite offers quality, relevant, professional development opportunities that are a good fit for you. Schedules for Instructional Suite trainings are published 4X per year and take place at our office and locations throughout the community. These workshops offer you the opportunity to learn alongside and network with fellow child care providers fromprograms throughout the community.

On-site Training:

Available for our entire Instructional Suite, on-site training offers flexibility and cost-effective options that are ideal for child care programs that need personalized training designed to meet specific requirements. Your employees will benefit from the opportunity to learn skills together, boost individual knowledge, and strengthen teamwork. On-site training can also be arranged for child care programs that wish to collaborate to create a shared training day for their staff.