Nutrition and Growth Education

We are committed to providing you with high quality nutrition education and technical assistance. Nourishing our children and helping them build positive habits and associations with food is a great responsibility. 

You have access to a registered dietitian nutritionist and the following topics (available in workshop, ITA or BTA format);

  • Menu assessment, development and approval
  • Nutrition activities (books, games and taste-testing with children)
  • Physical activities (books, games and movement ideas for all spaces)
  • Family-style dining and mealtime environment
  • Cooking classes for parents and/or children
  • How to approach the picky-eater
  • Food-allergy friendly child care
  • Food safety and sanitation
  • Infant feeding
  • Freedom of Movement workshops and coaching
  • Nutrition label reading and content analysis
  • CACFP Healthy Child and Infant Meal Patterns
  • Policy creation and implementation

Contact Erica to learn more about these services available for your child care program; she would love to hear from you.
Nutrition and Growth Educator:
Erica S. Houghton, MS, RD
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
ASPIRE Content Specialist in Health and Wellness
518-426-7181 Ext. 316