Our Strategic Plan

Hello and welcome to a brand new strategic plan for 2019–2022. In this plan we communicate our endeavors to be: Playful, Responsible, Respectful, and Resilient.

In preparing this strategic plan, we spent the last year reaching out to as many stakeholders as possible – from focus groups and informal conversations to surveys and social media. Using this information, we identified trends, service needs, and areas for improvement. We also analyzed larger trends in the national, state, and local child care industry that will affect the future supports for children. Using all of this information, we developed this strategic plan to guide our work for the next three years.

Through reflection and the willingness to change, we feel that this document is evidence of our continuing growth; we are making great strides in better understanding and communicating who we are as educators and leaders in the community.

As we undergo rebranding, we have examined our goals and priorities resulting in a new mission and vision. We aren't changing the important work that we do; we are simplifying our messaging and reestablishing our focus: children. The following plan evolved as a result.

Thank you for your partnership.

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