Freedom of Movement Campaign Publishes the Verification Checklist

Removing equipment like swings, seats, and walkers is a big step towards the commitment to giving babies the opportunity to develop naturally. Freedom of movement allows babies to experience positions they can get in and out of on their own, encouraging them to move and manipulate their own bodies and have control of themselves in their own environment.

When infants spend a lot of time in swings, seats, or other containers; they rely on adults to move them around which reduces control of their own bodies. Containers also place babies in positions their bodies are not ready for, such as standing or sitting before they are developmentally ready. This premature positioning can throw off the normal developmental track. Providing infants with safe and clean areas where they can be on the floor exploring in natural positions optimizes the developmental impact.

Join the movement! Provide infants and toddlers with freeing play spaces and become Freedom of Movement Certified by calling the Regional Infant and Toddler Specialists here at the Council. Our well trained and friendly Specialists are more than happy to come out to your program and work with you in providing programming that supports movement! Please feel free to call Abbe Kovacik at 518-426-7181 Ext 323.



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