Effective October 9, 2009, "ink-and-rolled" fingerprints can no longer be taken at the Capital District Child Care Council for submission to the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). OCFS has moved to a computerized imaging process known as LiveScan. This new fingerprinting format will be available only at authorized sites located throughout the state.

From the September 2009 letter to providers from OCFS:

"This new fingerprinting format will be available only at authorized sites located throughout the state and will offer many benefits than the traditional "ink-and-roll" format. These benefits include a near elimination of rejected fingerprint cards, a significantly quicker turn around time in receiving results, and a decrease in costs associated with postage, supplies and personnel. The vendor that is providing the LiveScan fingerprinting service is IdentToGO.

The vendor has set up locations throughout the state and they will also be providing evening and weekend services at select locations. Individuals that need to have fingerprints taken need to schedule an appointment by going to or by calling 1-877-472-6915. A location that best meets your needs can be selected during this time. A Request for NYS Fingerprinting Services Information Form (Fingerprint Information Form), needs to be completed and brought to the LiveScan center when fingerprints are taken. Individuals must also bring to the fingerprinting appointment appropriate forms of identification, as indicated on the back of the Fingerprint Information Form. Some of the facility-specific information on this form may need to be provided by the program for which you are being fingerprinted. We recommend that programs duplicate the blank copy of this form for future use when new individuals need to be fingerprinted.

Additional Fingerprint Information Forms are available on-line at or by calling 518-473-0971; please refer to form number OCFS-4930. Please also see the enclosed Fingerprinting Guidelines page for more specific instructions. If you have you have any questions regarding this change in procedure, please contact your licensing/registration representative."