Farm to Preschool Media Kit

Thank you for your commitment to children's nutrition. Below are materials to help you share information about your participation in Farm to Preschool with your families and the community.

Sample Press Release - Customize this template to suit your needs and share with your local media

Logos - Include the Council logo on your site and link to for increased visibility and web traffic

 Uploaded Image: /uploads/logos/3linelogo_web.gif        Uploaded Image: /uploads/logos/1linelogo_web.gif
  Uploaded Image: /uploads/logos/2linelogo_web.gif

Guidelines for logo use: The logo elements should never be separated or altered in any way. Choose from 3 logos to be used based on horizontal and vertical space requirements.


Social media - Customize these sample posts and tweets to share with your social media following. Use the official Farm to Preschool hashtag #farm2preschool (hashtags connect your social media posts to the broader conversations around the topic).

Though the character limit for a Facebook post is very high; we recommend keeping it short and sweet. Posts with 80 characters or less typically receive higher engagement, as do posts with pictures, hashtags, and page tags.

Please like the page, and like, share and comment on posts on the official Farm to Preschool Facebook page. We will like your page back and comment, like and share your posts too.

Sample posts

Only use images of children with parental permission

Everyone grows when #farm2preschool comes to town

Group shot of staff, children, families visiting the farm stand

#farm2preschool generates a lifetime of healthy choices through positive experiences with fruits and veggies


Encourage healthy choices with a trip to the #farm2preschool farm stand


#farm2preschool introduces fresh fruits and veggies to young children at an early age - while their food preferences are still forming

Young children tasting fruits and veggies

We’re working on our own #farm2preschool garden. Can’t wait for the harvest!

Pictures of your children working on the child care garden