Helping Your Employees Find Child Care

Many employers are realizing that providing child care benefits to their employees

  • Lowers absenteeism
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves morale
  • Enhances corporate image

The Capital District Child Care Council can assist employers by providing:

  • Enhanced child care resource and referral services
  • On-site work and family presentations on child development topics
  • Ongoing support to families

Download the Finding Child Care Made Easy for Employees (PDF) brochure for details on providing these vital benefits to your employees.

Contact the Council for more information.

Free Resources for Employers

On-Site Presentations:

A Parent Educator can come to your workplace and educate parents on selecting quality child care and summer camp programs.

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Find Child Care Display Stand

"Find Child Care" Display Stand:

Remind your employees that there is help in their search for quality child care. The display stand is perfect for the breakroom, common area, or HR office to help employee parents find quality child care.

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Find Care Poster

"Find Child Care" Poster:

Another reminder that help is available. The "Find Child Care" poster is great for small spaces where a display stand won't fit. The poster is just 11"x17"

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Sample child care map

County Maps:

County maps showing areas where child care programs are located are very helpful in assisting employees who may be relocating to this area. Zip codes, numbers of child care programs, and school district information is displayed. These maps can be customized based on your employees needs.

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Contact the Capital District Child Care Council with any questions and speak to a Parent Educator by calling 518.426.7181, or emailing Tricia Howland.